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Choosing a Re-Brandable E-Course To Sell via Your Blog

You wouldn't trust your ecourse development to just anyone. In fact, when it comes to creating learning materials to sell via your blog and social media, you want it all for your people. You want to deliver them high value information that they can really learn from and put to practical use to change their lives for the better.

And you also want to offer them that sweet price point. The right price that lets them feel like working with a coach is a bit of a luxury that they can afford to play with now and then-- like splurging on a nice outfit or going out for a great meal. An e-course will accomplish this for them AND you.

What's a Trusted Source for Rebrandable Online Course Materials?

For the above stated reasons, you want to be choosy about who you get your ecourse materials from. And you want to carefully select your "Dream Team" if you're planning on utilizing creative professionals to put the personality and polish on any course materials that you do buy.

I'm happy to steer you in the direction of some truly upstanding professionals who can help you become a raging success online. You want these people in your corner. I can help put you in touch with them, so that you, too, may soak up their knowledge, and benefit from the beautiful, professional quality e-course materials that they have already created. YES! Good people whom I know, who have already put the hard work into writing and developing beautiful online courses that you can brand and sell as your own. They're ready and waiting for your touch of magic to offer an inspired learning experience on your website.

Meet Nicole and Melissa of Coach Glue... the Secret Behind 10,000 Coaches

So, we're talking ecourse planning and development, and I'm going to spill the beans.

At this point, you may be eager to move past the gruntwork of creating your e-course from scratch, so you can sail on to the fun parts, like adding your personal touch to the learning materials, getting everything set up to share, teach, and profit from.

Well... guess what? THOUSANDS of savvy coaches are ALREADY making sweet bank using pre-written ecourse templates.

If YOU are NOT using this done-for-you e-course content to your advantage... you're leaving a TON of opportunity on the table for some other smart coach to grab!

When it comes to pre-written ecourses, Coach Glue does NOT mess around. Get the lowdown on their 30 Day Business Planning Bootcamp -- so you can STOP struggling and start making some serious bank online!

Create a Digital Workshop, Bootcamp or Ecourse... Or, Host a Weekend Workshop in a Gorgeous Location.

Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold have put together a step-by-step system you can follow to streamline, organize and get your business into tip-top shape.

Their Brandable Content and Done-for-You Coaching Materials Make it Super Easy to Teach Your Tribe!

For just $297 you get a complete, ready-to-brand-and-teach workshop that includes 4 Training Modules, 4 Fast Action Plan Worksheets and Exercises… 4 Program Accelerator Checklists… and 4 Sets of PowerPoint Slides.

To learn more and order, visit Coach Glue's site here.


I don't have time to read all this, Dina. Yes, I'd like the MS Word version of this emailed to me after I sign up for Wordfeeder's FREE PLR Membership.

Yes, I'm going to keep on reading and learning.

This DIY Ecourse Development Series from Wordfeeder PLR includes...

  1. Ecourse Creation from Scratch
  2. Your Options for Creating a DIY E-Course
  3. DIY Online Course Creation: Hot, Evergreen Topics in Online Business
  4. Brainstorming Your Online Course: What Do Coaching Clients Want?
  5. Choosing a Re-Brandable E-Course to Sell Via Your Blog
  6. Ecourse Readiness Checklist
  7. Teaching Ecourses: Performance Anxiety and How to Blow Past It
  8. Stepping Back to Assess: What About Stress in Your Self Care Ecourse?
  9. Yoga and Stress Relief Ecourse Content


Need a Reliable and Trustworthy Online Platform to Host and Sell Online Courses? try Ruzuku

"5 Days to Your First Course" from Ruzuku gives you a trial run of their software. Discover just how simple ecourse creation can be with Ruzuku on your side.


Please note that the links contained in this document contain my affiliate ID. The commissions that I earn when you purchase through my links help me to support my family, so thank you!

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