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How Do You Know if You're Ready to Invest in a Done-For-You Ecourse?

The clear concern of a coach who has yet to financially benefit by purchasing re-brandable ecourse materials (but REALLY WANTS TO!) is that you probably aren't sure if you have the right tools and resources to make back the money that you invest in pre-written content.

After all...we're not talking about a $15 PLR pack. We're talking a few hundred up front to kick this party off right.

So before we go any further in setting you up with unforgettable online courses to win the hearts of your readers over and over... let's take a look at the people, tools and systems you should have in place already before proceeding.

Your Ecourse Readiness Checklist

Your online business should ALREADY have these essential elements in place... along with someone (maybe you, maybe a VA) who's well practiced in working with them.

A blog or website where you can drive targeted traffic by way of articles that you publish routinely.

permission based email management system that will allow you to collect leads by way of subscriber forms that you can publish on your website.

A network of social media accounts that you can log into and cross-post all of your new blog posts to drive more traffic and increase sign-ups.

A selling vehicle such as e-junkie, Gumroad, JV Zoo, or Warrior Plus, that will allow you to set up files for instant download via email after purchase.

A way to accept payments online, such as PayPal.

A member site platform (not totally necessary, but it will really increase your profit potential to make this relatively small investment) which will allow your followers to upgrade or downgrade their subscription levels according to budget and interests.

I don't have time to read all this, Dina. Yes, I'd like the MS Word version of this emailed to me after I sign up for Wordfeeder's FREE PLR Membership.

Yes, I'm going to keep on reading and learning.

This DIY Ecourse Development Series from Wordfeeder PLR includes...

  1. Ecourse Creation from Scratch
  2. Your Options for Creating a DIY E-Course
  3. DIY Online Course Creation: Hot, Evergreen Topics in Online Business
  4. Brainstorming Your Online Course: What Do Coaching Clients Want?
  5. Choosing a Re-Brandable E-Course to Sell Via Your Blog
  6. Ecourse Readiness Checklist
  7. Teaching Ecourses: Performance Anxiety and How to Blow Past It
  8. Stepping Back to Assess: What About Stress in Your Self Care Ecourse?
  9. Yoga and Stress Relief Ecourse Content


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