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Lead Magnet PLR

Create a Lead Magnet or Opt-in Gift to Grow Your List. PLR Articles Make it QUICK and EASY

A lead magnet is a free information giveaway that you offer to your website visitors to get them on your list.

Your lead magnet can be anywhere from 5 to 20 pages. Just enough to whet the appetite of your readers and get them excited for the kinds of info products or coaching packages you offer.

If you've already created an info product, like an ebook, that you're looking to sell, there's an easy shortcut you can take.

Just copy and paste the content of your existing digital product. Then chop it down A LOT to make an abbreviated version.

To cut the copy, delete most of the sub-points and details. This way, you're giving your curious readers a step-by-step overview of how to solve their problem. If they want more details, and they will, they'll be interested in the full story - your ebook, which they can sign up and purchase.

If you haven't written an ebook or digital product yet, that's okay. Start by simply identifying a problem your ideal customer would need help solving. Create or purchase PLR articles that teach how to solve that specific problem.

Create your lead magnet from the PLR article pack that you purchase.

If you're still not sure of a problem to base your lead magnet around, check out our PLR store. We have already identified many problems your perfect customer needs help solving. We created PLR article packs that teach how to solve these problems. THIS is what you'll make your lead magnets, and ebooks, about.

Need a Free Tutorial on How to Create a Lead Magnet Opt-in Gift?

How to Create an Opt-In Gift Using PLR Content To Get More Signups and Grow Your List

Want a stand-out way to get new email signups and grow your sales? Offer an opt-in gift in exchange for email addresses.

An opt-in gift is basically an information download. It's a gift because you're giving away professional advice. The phrase "opt-in" is used because your readers must OPT IN to your list in order to receive the information they want.

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