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PLR Products: Buy Blog Posts, Prewritten Articles, Canva Templates, Lead Magnets

PLR stands for "private label rights." It means that you get the rights to edit and resell the product to the end user.

When you purchase PLR articles or other content, you have permission to offer "personal use rights" to the end user. That means a coach can buy a course, and sell the course to their customers. The customers get to read and learn from the course.

Use Our PLR Content to Create Digital Products, Beef Up Your Coaching or Teaching Packages, Add to Your Memberships, and Serve Your Clients

The term "PLR Products" refers to prewritten and pre-designed, content-based digital goods that you can brand with your company name and resell as your own products. Click on the links below to order digital products for your business.

Coaches and Niche Bloggers: Stop Procrastinating Your Publishing Tasks. Instead, Buy Blog Posts!

No More Procrastinating Posting in Your Blog. We Have Prewritten Blog Posts for You to Customize and Use

Procrastinating your blog again? Instead of randomly posting an article in your blog, then sharing the link to your mom, sister and cousins on Facebook, you need a better strategy. Here it is...

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PLR Ebooks for Coaches - in Canva and MS Word

2 Days or Less to Create an Ebook Using PLR Articles: 12 Simple Steps

Step 1: Define your niche if you have not already. Example: you're a personal empowerment coach.

Step 2: Target a common problem your perfect customer might be dealing with. Example: Your clients have poor boundaries. They let others walk all over them, take on too much, etc...

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Canva Templates: Polished, Professional, Perfectly Presented

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Lead Magnet PLR

Create a Lead Magnet or Opt-in Gift to Grow Your List. PLR Articles Make it QUICK and EASY

A lead magnet is a free information giveaway that you offer to your website visitors to get them on your list.

Your lead magnet can be anywhere from 5 to 20 pages. Just enough to whet the appetite of your readers and get them excited for the kinds of info products or coaching packages you offer...

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PLR Articles: Shop for Content by Niche

At Wordfeeder, we offer content known as PLR - or private label rights content. If you've never used PLR articles before, they're a major money-saver, time-saver, and lifesaver for your business.

How to choose, purchase and use PLR articles for your publishing needs?...

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PLR Courses: Edit, Copy, Paste, Launch!

Done-for-You Courses for Coaches

Are you a life coach, business coach or health coach looking for a done-for-you course that you'll be pleased and proud to publish as your own?

Wordfeeder offers themed course material to launch as a coaching product of your choice.

You get the flexibility to use our private label rights articles, course material, journal challenges and Canva templates any way you like...

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PLR Newsletter Articles: Learn How Private Label Rights Content Saves You Tons of Money and Time Creating Your Company Newsletter and Marketing Emails

The Money Really IS in the List. Now You Need Terrific, Informative PLR Content to Reach Them.

If you've sent out a company newsletter before, you know what happens. It brings you sales. If you haven't, you're leaving profitable possibilities on the table. So what's the problem? You don't have time to write content.

The formula for creating an email newsletter to send out to your list is simple.

First, have a product or service in mind that you want to offer...

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PLR Journals