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Private Label Rights Articles

Done-for-You Content - Self Development Niche

Brand, edit and publish our done-for-you content any way you like. We've done the research and writing work for you. You'll save countless hours and dollars using this PLR content as the basis for your teaching series.

Self-Development PLR Articles - Done-for-You Content!

Getting to Know Me All Over Again PLR

Here's a great set of self-development articles with private label rights. "Getting to Know Me All Over Again" articles can serve many publishing purposes in your self-help, empowerment coaching or psychology practice. Present in your one-on-one-work with clients. Offer as a emailed series. Set up as a paid ebook download. And more!

>>>Explore Getting to Know Me All Over Again PLR articles and order now

Habits of Highly Effective People PLR

Guide your clients out of common traps like procrastination, circular thinking and negative self talk. This powerful content series reveals coveted Habits of Highly Effective People. Done-for-you content so good that any psychology expert or self-help authority would be proud to put their name and brand on it. A must-have for your resource library. Ebook and course-ready material!

>>>Learn more and order: Habits of Highly Effective People PLR

Learning to Say No, Gratefully and Gracefully PLR

Use these expertly written private label articles to usher your clients into personal empowerment... and learning to say no. This is so much more than pushing the glass away... it's about taking back the controls of your life and future. Take a peek at the titles, linked below. Learning to Say No Gratefully and Gracefully makes a perfectly written article series to make an email course, send one article at a time in your email newsletter, share on your blog and more.

>>>Learn more and order: Learning to Say No, Gratefully and Gracefully PLR


Surviving and Thriving During a Life Transition PLR

Life transition comes in both exhilarating and dreadful forms... and often, it's a bit of both. Whether your blog readers are in the throes of divorce... mourning the loss of a loved one... navigating a new career, or downsizing their life... life transition calls for support and survival tips. Offer a dose of wisdom with these helpful and empowering articles on Surviving and Thriving During a Life Transition.

>>>Learn more and order: Surviving and Thriving During a Life Transition PLR


How to Stop People Pleasing PLR

People pleasing is one of the most common issues that your therapy clients or self-help readers struggle with. Use this thoughtfully written article series on People Pleasing to offer empathy and some sage advice. Articles can be presented one at a time on your website or social media... shared in your newsletter... combined as an ebook or emailed series... or all of the above.

>>>Learn more and order: How to Stop People Pleasing PLR


Power of Positivity PLR

When you need content that's positively powerful, count on Wordfeeder's Power of Positivity Articles. These would work perfectly as a month-long life coaching series, presented as an article-a-day in your Facebook group. Incorporate them into your next group coaching workshop. Make an ebook from some or all of the content... or find your own, unique use!

>>>Learn more and order: Power of Positivity PLR


Protecting the Energy of Your Home PLR

Protecting the Energy of Your Home articles have been carefully crafted with your trauma recovery readers in mind. Home should be a safe haven, a place to find comfort and peace in your own protected space. These articles would work nicely as an ebook to set up for purchase. Share them one article per day with your email subscribers or social media followers. You get to edit and add to this content any way you like.

>>>Learn more and order: Protecting the Energy of Your Home PLR


Quizzes for Coaches PLR

Here's a fun content package for life coaches to get to know your followers a bit better. Writing quizzes takes time and care... we've done the difficult work for you, combining clever and intriguing scenarios with all the right questions to engage your readers. Set these up using quiz software. Share them on social media... send out to your list by email. Use these high quality Quizzes for Coaches, to connect with your followers and convert more sales!

>>>Quizzes for Coaches PLR- Learn more and order here

RESPECT: What Does It Mean to You PLR

Do your life coaching clients or self-help readers identify with feelings of being disrespected? Sometimes it's difficult to know if someone is merely challenging your ideas versus being disrespectful. Respect: What Does it Mean to You articles will help them get clear on respect, and their expectations for how they should be treated. Would be perfect for a daily email series!

>>>Learn more and order: RESPECT: What Does It Mean to You PLR

Resume Tips for Career Seekers PLR

Sometimes your life coaching or therapy clients require career support. They may feel it's time to pursue a higher salary, work on advancement into a leadership role, or delve into a new field of study. It's always helpful to have Resume and Career Advice at the ready. This done-for-you career content would make a perfect resource to offer your career-focused clients in need.

>>>Learn more and order Resume Tips for Career Seekers PLR


Self-Coach Your Way to Happiness PLR

What is self-coaching? It might look different from one person to the next, and this series of self-coaching articles covers the possibilities. Every coach has those lurkers, the non-clients, the followers who open the emails but don't buy. Adding self-coaching materials to your personal coaching arsenal can help you reach this segment of your audience, to transform dormant contacts into ready buyers!

>>>Learn more and order: Self-Coach Your Way to Happiness PLR


Self-Improvement PLR Articles

These Self-Improvement articles came from our content archive... one of the original PLR packs from Wordfeeder from back when our list was super tiny! Still lots of life left in this intelligently written self improvement articles with private label rights.

>>>Learn more and order: Self-Improvement PLR Articles


Smart Phone Mindfulness PLR

More and more people are starting to realize the dangers of smart phone addiction. From hurting our real-life relationships, to causing complications in communication, to overbooked schedules, or just being addicted to hearing those alerts going off... our Smart Phone Mindfulness article series with private label rights will help your clients take control of the tech so they can mindfully engage in the moment. Great as an ebook download or emailed series.

>>>Learn more and order: Smart Phone Mindfulness PLR


Social Anxiety PLR

Social anxiety affects millions globally. This series of 5 expertly-written blog posts on How to Overcome Social Anxiety will gently coax your readers out of their social anxiety affliction and into social ease. You can also set this content up as a helpful handout for new readers to download when they sign up for your list.

>>>Learn more and order the Social Anxiety PLR Article Pack Here

Spring Cleaning for Your Soul PLR Email Challenge

Spring Cleaning for Your Soul serves as an inspiring, 15-day challenge designed to spark enthusiasm for living and awaken the creative muse within. Easily set this up as an emailed series... or post one essay per day for 15 days, in your private coaching group. Lovely thoughts designed to inspire, uplift, and deliver joy.

>>>Learn more and order the Spring Cleaning for Your Soul PLR Email Challenge

How to be a Strong Person PLR

Confidence... personal power... resilience... integrity. These are just a few markers of a strong person. Your life coaching clients desire to be known as a strong person... and they also want to feel it for themselves. Offer guidance in the form of these expertly written articles on How to be a Strong Person, that would work beautifully as an ebook or emailed course.

>>>Explore How to be a Strong Person PLR Articles, and Order Here


Time-Audit Your Life PLR

Time-Audit Your Life articles hit the mark of wanting to take back your time as your own. In this intelligently and thoughtfully crafted article series, we explore common ways people use their time, and how to get it back. Is time on your side? It can be once again, thanks to these expert articles.

>>>Explore Time-Audit Your Life PLR Articles, and Order Here

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