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Done-for-You Courses for Coaches

Are you a life coach, business coach or health coach looking for a done-for-you course that you'll be pleased and proud to publish as your own?

Wordfeeder offers themed course material to launch as a coaching product of your choice.

You get the flexibility to use our private label rights articles, course material, journal challenges and Canva templates any way you like.

Purchase one PLR content pack, add some customization, and launch. Or, combine several article sets and add your own elements - like journaling prompts, writing exercises, or anything else you can dream up that might enhance what's there.

Our Best and Most Comprehensive PLR Course is the Believe in Yourself Empowerment Course.

Coaches rave about the quality of writing and depth of the material in our Believe in Yourself Empowerment Course with private label rights. Check the product page for a full list of contents and writing samples We now have this content for you in two different forms, depending on your needs and purpose for the material:

Believe in Yourself Empowerment Course in Canva

The Canva version contains the same written content as the original MS Word version, listed below. Plus, you also get a complete Canva template with all content inputted, including space for your course recipients to work through the questions and essays on paper.

This is a beautiful, comprehensive course that will really help your clients build confidence, get to know themselves all over again, embark on needed changes, and chart a course for their life.

>>>Learn more about the Believe in Yourself Empowerment Course in Canva, read samples, and order here.

Believe in Yourself Empowerment Course in MS Word

Explore this option if you aren't familiar with Canva or prefer to transfer content to your blog, an email autoresponder, Teachable format, or make a PDF of the MS Word document. This is the same written content as the Canva, but you get an MS Word document.

>>>Learn more, read samples of the Believe in Yourself Course in MS Word, and order here

Our Done-for-You Stress Management Course is Also Extremely Well-Received. Perfect for Life Coaches and Wellness Coaches to Teach as Their Own.

PLR Course, Done-for-You Coaching Course: How to GREATLY Reduce Stress by Planning and Living a Life that You Love - PLR Content in MS Word

>>>Done-for-You Course: Stress Management Course with Private Label Rights


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Mindfulness 10-Day Challenge PLR

Most of our Done-for-You Email and Journaling Challenges can also serve as part of, or an entire course.

The Mindfulness Challenge series below is a great example of this. Below, you can pick and choose from the journaling challenge itself, journaling exercises, keywords to help you in your marketing, and articles to get your audience warmed up for the course. Order all the different elements, or select only the ones you need for now.

Check our our Positive Self-Talk Challenge for even more coachable, teachable material with private label rights

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