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Journaling Courses PLR - Index

Email Challenge PLR, Done-for-You 30-Day Challenges

These days, people want to live better, be happy and solve their personal challenges. They can't always afford pricy coaching contracts and therapy sessions. Email challenges make a wonderful, meaningful form of self-coaching to offer affordably to your life coaching or psychology fans and followers.

Wordfeeder's Best Done-for-You Coaching Content includes our 10-Day, 15-Day and 30-Day Journaling Challenges

You can offer these in several ways, to meet the needs of your audience:

  1. As a hosted workshop on your social media pages
  2. As autoresponders sent out via email
  3. As courses that students log in for on a platform like Teachable
  4. As ebook downloads that customers can work on when it's convenient for them
  5. A private-access blog posts that you email out each day and give a password login for members to do the journaling exercises


Seasonal Email Challenges - with Private Label Rights. Done-for-You Journaling Challenges

The following 4 journaling challenges are now offered for the price of one. No matter which you order, you receive all four in your Wordfeeder member account. This means you get to run a gratitude or positivity challenge any season, any time of year.

Other Journaling Challenges for You to Launch:

Mindfulness 10-Day Challenge PLR